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Katrina Simmons, Owner

Executive Management

S’N’S Private Investigation & Security Company is a family owned business operated by Mr. and Mrs. Katrina Simmons. The owners graduated from Cumberland University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice developed a basic knowledge of the components of the law. They also obtained a Master of Science in Criminal Justice in order to become even more experienced in all aspects of the criminal process from Everest University. In 2012, the owners acquired their Private Investigators Certification in an effort to expand their investigative background. Mr. Simmons is a licensed Private Investigator and Security Director with the State of Indiana. Mrs. Simmons has a Master’s in Legal Administration and is currently a Paralegal for a major local Indianapolis firm.

From 2007 until 2012, Mr. Simmons served as a deputy sheriff with the Marion County Sheriff's Department. As a law enforcement officer, he became a member of the Critical Emergency Response Team (CERT). This taskforce is a tactical response team that uses a variety of specialized tools to handle highly dangerous tasks and situations in a jail environment. During this time he was trained to complete forced cell moves/extractions, movement to segregation, small and large disturbances, suicide attempts, high risk prisoner escorts, high risk court protection and shakedowns. In addition, Mr. Simmons also served as an active member of the Special Presentation Corps, which is as a formal extension of the Sheriff and attends all media events and presentations in representation of the department as a whole. He was individually selected for this position based on my overall work ethic and integrity within the Sheriff’s Department.

As an officer he had been contracted to work numerous special events and provide building protection to businesses. In 2011, he served as Head Security and Partner for a private security firm in the Indianapolis area. During his position he helped to generate new business for the company by meeting with potential clients and determining their needs. He negotiated contracts and staffed each location with the appropriate number of officers and armed guards. He would also personally conduct foot patrols and respond to onsite conflicts.

As Principal Owners of S’N’S, The Simmons are prepared to devote their time and attention to protecting clients personally and professionally. Collectively they have strong networking skills which help them to be able to communicate with a variety of people with ease. Their ambition to provide exemplementry services is what will fuel the success of S’N’S, its staff and clientele. Their life’s work is to ensure the community they serve is a safer, secure place to live.

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