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Who We Are

S'N'S Private and Investigation company was established on September 1, 2012. S’N’S Private Investigation and Security (S’N’S) is a family owned and operated as well as state licensed security and private investigation company based in Indiana. We are an insured and bonded company that provides services to both individuals and corporations. We can fill any security need allowing you to focus on your business, residence or special event, while we secure the buildings and grounds along with your peace of mind. From high-rise condominium and apartment buildings to exclusive gated communities, S’N’S professionals are trained to be the perfect solution to any property needs. We assist clients with all duties expected from today’s security staff.

Why Us?

Our Mission is to provide accurate and secure services to clients while building loyal relationships and promoting a safer, worry free personal and working environment.

At S’N’S Private Investigation and Security Company we understand the importance of safety and security at home and the workplace. We guarantee our services will make your life more simple and worry free. Our goal is to provide high quality, professional services no matter the size of the job. Your safety is our top priority. We provide people and companies with the ability to secure their life and assets and have a peace of mind. S’N’S guarantees expert, professional services at all times.

At S’N’S we will provide a full range of security services that will exceed your expectations.

In addition to contract security, S’N’S offers a full range of investigative services, such as surveillance, expert testimony, background checks, asset search and recovery, insurance and criminal investigations. Our investigators fully comply with all state, federal, and applicable local laws regarding the private investigation of local individuals.

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